Montgomery Pool Services

Montgomery Pool Services
Ah, Montgomery, TX. Home to beautiful summers, friendly communities, and of course, refreshing backyard pools. But with all that enjoyment comes the responsibility of proper pool cleaning and maintenance. A sparkling clean pool is essential for not only aesthetics but also safety and swimmer health. So, the burning question becomes: how often should you clean your inground pool in Montgomery, TX?
The answer, unfortunately, isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Several factors influence your pool’s cleaning frequency:
  • Seasonality: Summer’s heat and frequent pool use lead to more debris and algae growth. Weekly skimming, netting, and brushing, along with twice-weekly chemical checks and adjustments, are recommended during peak pool season (May to September). Spring and fall require less frequent cleaning, but aim for at least bi-weekly skimming and brushing, with weekly chemical checks.
  • Bather Load: The more people using the pool, the more dirt, sweat, and oils get introduced to the water. If you have a heavily used pool, consider more frequent skimming and brushing, even during off-seasons.
  • Weather: Heavy rain or windstorms can bring in leaves, dust, and other debris. Be prepared for additional cleaning after such weather events.
  • Tree Cover:  Surrounding trees can shed leaves, pollen, and even fruit into your pool. If your pool area has significant tree cover, factor in more frequent skimming and debris removal.
Beyond the Basics:
  • Filtration System: Regularly clean your pool filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Sand filters typically need backwashing every 1-2 weeks during peak season, while cartridge filters might require cleaning every 4-6 weeks.
  • Chemical Balance: Maintaining proper chlorine and pH levels is crucial for clean, healthy pool water. Invest in a reliable pool test kit and test your water at least twice a week during peak season and once a week during off-seasons. Adjust chemicals as needed.
  • Professional Help: Consider hiring Montgomery Pool Services for a thorough cleaning, especially during spring opening and fall closing. They can handle tasks like vacuuming the pool floor, checking equipment, and addressing any chemical imbalances. Contact us today at 936-463-8855 or complete our form
Here’s a quick cleaning frequency cheat sheet for Montgomery, TX pools:
  • Skimming and Netting: Weekly (more often during peak season)
  • Brushing: Weekly (more often for heavily used pools)
  • Chemical Testing: Twice a week (peak season) and Once a week (off-seasons)
  • Filter Cleaning: As per manufacturer’s instructions (typically every 1-2 weeks during peak season)
  • Professional Cleaning: Spring opening and Fall closing (recommended)

Remember, consistency is key! By establishing a regular cleaning routine and adapting it based on the factors mentioned above, you can ensure your Montgomery, TX inground pool stays sparkling clean and enjoyable all season long. Happy splashing!