Montgomery Pool Services

Montgomery Pool Services

Keeping Your Montgomery, TX Pool Sparkling: A Guide to Cleaning Frequency

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Ah, Montgomery, TX. Home to beautiful summers, friendly communities, and of course, refreshing backyard pools. But with all that enjoyment comes the responsibility of proper pool cleaning and maintenance. A sparkling clean pool is essential for not only aesthetics but also safety and swimmer health. So, the burning question becomes: how often should you clean […]

What Plants are Good for Landscaping Around a Pool in Montgomery, TX?

Turning your backyard pool area into a personal oasis requires careful planning, especially regarding plant selection. The right plants can add pops of color, soften pool hardscapes, and create a cool, inviting atmosphere. But with Montgomery County’s hot summers and mild winters, picking the perfect poolside companions can be tricky. Here’s a guide to some […]

Montgomery, Texas-Sized Relaxation: The Cost of Maintaining Your Pool Paradise

Ah, Montgomery, Texas pool. A beacon of cool refreshment in the scorching summer sun. But along with the endless splashing and poolside lounging comes the not-so-glamorous reality of maintenance. While the cost can vary depending on several factors, this blog dives into the financial side of keeping your Texan oasis sparkling clean and inviting. The […]

The Essentials of Pool Maintenance in Montgomery, TX

Montgomery, TX, with its warm climate and vibrant community, offers an ideal setting for enjoying outdoor amenities, especially pools. However, maintaining a pristine pool in this region requires adherence to some essential maintenance routines. Here are the basics every pool owner in Montgomery should know to keep their pools sparkling clean and inviting year-round. 1. […]


There are plenty of enjoyable games and activities perfect for pools in Montgomery, Texas. Here are some entertaining options: 1. Marco Polo A classic pool game where one player closes their eyes (Marco) and tries to tag others (Polo) using only sound cues. It’s a timeless favorite for all ages. 2. Pool Volleyball Install a […]

Winterizing Your Pool Equipment: Ensure a Worry-Free Winter Swim with Montgomery Pool Services

Special for December only is 125.00 Introduction As winter approaches, it’s crucial to prepare your pool for the off-season to protect your investment and ensure a smooth reopening when warmer days return. Montgomery Pool Services in Montgomery, Texas, is your trusted partner in winterizing your pool equipment and providing numerous benefits for a trouble-free transition. […]

The Essential Guide to Pool Heater Maintenance in Montgomery, TX: Why, When, and How

Introduction Owning a swimming pool is a luxurious and enjoyable addition to any home in Montgomery, TX including the surrounding areas of Magnolia, Lake Conroe, Bentwater, Walden and April Sound. It provides endless opportunities for relaxation, exercise, and fun. But to ensure your pool remains a source of pleasure year-round, proper maintenance is essential. While […]

The Significance of Pool Equipment Maintenance in Montgomery, Texas

The Significance of Pool Equipment Maintenance in Montgomery, Texas

Swimming pools are a popular feature in many Montgomery, Texas, homes, providing a refreshing escape from the scorching heat. However, owning a pool also comes with responsibilities, and one of the most crucial ones is ensuring the proper maintenance of pool equipment. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into why checking pool equipment is […]

Fun Activities For Your Pool Party in Montgomery Texas

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Here are some fun activities to do at a pool party in Montgomery, Texas: Swimming Races: Organize friendly swimming races to see who the fastest swimmer is among your friends. You can have different categories, such as freestyle, backstroke, and relay races. Pool Volleyball: Set up a volleyball net in the pool and enjoy a […]